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Leonardo Jardim: "We played like a real team"

Leonardo Jardim: "We played like a real team"
Excerpts from the coach's press conference after the victory against FC Nantes (1-0).

“There is a progression. We have accumulated 7 points in 3 games, the group shows solidarity and commitment, and tonight we played like a real team and we had a good attitude.”

“My players have tried to offer offensive play. Nantes have remained balanced throughout this game, we also needed to be attentive because they have quality players and we conceded one real opportunity in 90 minutes. It also shows that we managed to control our opponent and the players are very involved in their work. “

“We are thinking of earning as many points as possible, and the standings will be looked at at the end of the season, and if we continue at that level, we will stay in. It’s good, but it’s not over. We have 13 games and a lot of points to go after. All future games will be wars. We will push our limits.”

“Our challenge is obviously to stay up, but also to reach the level of the teams that play the best in France”

Rise. Risk. Repeat.