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On the comeback trail with Pietro Pellegri in Genoa (1/2)

On the comeback trail with Pietro Pellegri in Genoa (1/2)
While the resumption of AS Monaco's training taking place this Monday, we visit Pietro Pellegri during his holidays in his hometown of Genoa. Unlucky with injury in the past two seasons, the Italian striker worked very hard during the break to get back to fitness. He also takes an opportunity also to go back in time in his hometown ... Episode 1 of 2.

“All summer I worked tirelessly. This season must be mine. It’s been enough.

When I think back on my two difficult seasons, it gets on my nerves. Football is my whole life. And it’s been two years since I have done what I love.

But in times of difficulty, you must keep hold of that which makes you grow. You have to move ahead and fight for your dream.

I worked on my weak points. Like my adductors and hamstrings. I worked hard and I feel good. This year, I hope to attack the season stronger. “



Rise. Risk. Repeat.