National teams 04 February 2024, 11:12

Singo's Ivory Coast through to the semi-finals of the AFCON!

Singo's Ivory Coast through to the semi-finals of the AFCON!
The Elephants of Ivory Coast beat Mohamed Camara's Mali to reach the last four of the Africa Cup of Nations (1-2) after an eventful match.

There was bound to be one disappointed player at the end of this game. The two AS Monaco team-mates, Mohamed Camara and Wilfried Singo, were pitted against each other in the quarter-finals of the 2024 Africa Cup of Nations for a spot in the final four. After a show-stopping conclusion which lived up to the hype , it was the Elephants of Ivory Coast who came out on top (1-2).

A red card that changed (almost) everything

Without the two red-and-whites, one withdrawn and the other a substitute, Eric Chelle’s men got off to a perfect start. They even came close to opening the scoring when former Monaco player Adama Traoré missed a penalty (18th). Despite this setback, Mali pushed forward and Odilon Kossounou was sent off for the second time, earning a red card (44th).

Singo (again) significant

After the break, the visitors took full advantage to control the game, although they were slow to find a solution, thanks to a very solid Wilfried Singo, who came on as a substitute in the 45th minute. Patient, they finally got their act together when Nene Dorgeles found the top corner of Angevin Yahia Fofana’s net (1-0, 71st)! Magnificent. With their numerical inferiority, the Ivorians were helplessly chasing the score.

Elephants reignite the suspense

Mali held on to their lead until the end, but the Ivory Coast were once again miraculously able to equalise in the dying moments with a ferocious strike from Simon Adingra (1-1, 90′). The match then went into extra time, during which Sébastien Haller hit the crossbar with his head after a superb cross from Monaco’s number 99 (96th). Ivory Coast were heroic and ended up turning the match on its head.

Wilfried heads for the semi-finals!

From the home side’s final set-piece, Seko Fofana volleyed into the net (1-2, 121′). After another miraculous round of 16 against Senegal, the Elephants have booked their place for the semi-finals of the African Cup of Nations, where they will face the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mohamed meanwhile returns to the Principality. Daghe Wilfried ! 👏

Rise. Risk. Repeat.