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Thierry Henry: "Return to winning the duels"

Thierry Henry: "Return to winning the duels"
Two days before the match against Paris Saint-Germain, Thierry Henry came to answer questions from journalists. Excerpts.

“The pleasure is still there but the pressure is also in a difficult time and we know it will not be easy Sunday against Paris Saint-Germain. Although it may seem complicated, we will try to annoy them by finding the right formula. We know that it is already complicated with the starting eleven, but with a diminished team and a lot of young people, it is even more complicated. After that we must not say that there is nothing to lose. We will have to have a big performance and take the points where we can take them.”

“We will try to go back to the basics and pressure like in Brugge. We must be much stronger but especially return to winning the duels. We must manage to see this match against Paris Saint-Germain as a cup match.”

Thierry Henry was with his two assistants.
Rise. Risk. Repeat.