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Benjamin Lecomte : "Focused and involved"

Benjamin Lecomte : "Focused and involved"
Benjamin Lecomte answered questions from journalists two days before the match against Amiens. Excerpts.
The table is not what concerns us the most, but taking a holistic point of view we know that we must keep winning, that we must make a series of victories. It's always like that in football, it's a positive run of results that will allow us to climb the table. There are only three matches left before the end of this first half of the season and we have to go as high as possible to keep up our challenge during the second half.
We focus on ourselves. We know that we must keep up the pace because we lost points earlier in the season, that's why we are happy to bring back three from Toulouse. Now we host Amiens, it will not be easy and we will have to do what's necessary to win and focus on the next two matches.
If we all have the same will, and with the qualities of this squad we should, we have the means necessary to win this meeting. It will not be easy, they will play with more freshness, they will come for points, it will be up to us to do the work necessary to put forth a good level of intensity.

We have all been a little below expectations in our level at the beginning of the season, but we have been able to bounce back and get on the right path to be at our best level possible. Now we have four matches that can help us erase some of the difficult start to the season that we've been through.
Everyone is focused and involved, we saw it in the Coupe de la Ligue, we saw it last night. Achieving our goals will only happen with a squad that gives the maximum, whether you start or come off the bench, everyone is important.
I continue to work to help my teammates go high as possible in the table. I am not starting with France, but I know that if that happens, it is because I have been successful with my club.
Rise. Risk. Repeat.