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Franck Passi: "Coming to help AS Monaco"

Franck Passi: "Coming to help AS Monaco"
Franck Passi, Thierry Henry's new assistant was presented at a conference this Thursday afternoon. The duo showed unity in front of the journalists.

Franck Passi:

“I want to thank Vadim Vasilyev and Thierry Henry for thinking of me. I am very happy to be able to help AS Monaco. I will use my experience to make things better here and help the club take off.”

“I take things as they come. I’m not a coach that thinks too far down the road.I felt ready after the discussion with Thierry Henry. We have the same values of football which is very important in oder to work together. I think we can help each other, that’s why I want to come here to work.”

“Thierry Henry is the boss and I’m the assistant, I came under these conditions, I know what I’m doing, I’m following the guideline of Thierry Henry, the number one, to apply his ideas.”

Thierry Henry :

“You knew that we were looking for an assistant for the staff, we had a good chat. It’s an added value. We need to have this group for a while. We are working with the people who are here before. The decisions are common. I need my assistants to challenge me, to be behind me.”

“Now I hope the situation will change. We need to fix it and rebuild something. It’s very important that we get over the start.”

Rise. Risk. Repeat.