Reactions 12 November 2023, 09:35

The reactions of Philipp Köhn and Krépin Diatta

The reactions of Philipp Köhn and Krépin Diatta
After the draw against Le Havre (0-0), the Swiss goalkeeper, hero of the evening, as well as the Senegalese international, stopped in the mixed zone to express their feelings on the match.

Lacking solutions against a well-organised Le Havre side, Adi Hütter’s men did not manage to break through the hosts’ defence, and had to be satisfied with the draw thanks to Philipp Köhn’s decisive save from the penalty spot (0-0). The hero of the evening was present in the mixed zone after the match to talk about this crucial moment.  🎙

Good evening Philipp, do you think you have had your best performance since your arrival this evening?

Maybe. For a goalkeeper, it’s the best situation to save a penalty in the last moments and take a point, it’s very important. I’m happy, but also disappointed to draw, we wanted to win tonight.

Even before the penalty, you had a good match…

I trained well this week, and it paid off. For a goalkeeper, the mission is to produce a clean sheet in each match, and we did it today. The defense played well, and we will have to work hard to be even more confident. We also had our chances of winning this match, but we will take this point, and we are already focusing on the next match.

How did you see this penalty?

When you are a goalkeeper, you have nothing to lose when you in this situation. It was an incredible feeling to stop the ball. Sometimes it’s luck, but I was confident, and a little nervous too. It was 50/50, he was right-footed, it was late in the match, so he was tired. He could choose either side, but in the end I was lucky to choose the right option.

In the end, it's still a second clean sheet in a row, so on that level, I'm satisfied (...). Philipp (Köhn) saved the result thanks to his penalty save.
Adi HütterOn the team's clean sheet

How will you approach the match against Paris Saint-Germain?

We have just had a second clean sheet in a row, so that’s a good thing. It wasn’t bad, but we have to find a solution to get on the board faster. Now, some of us are going to go away for international duty, we will have a week to stock up on energy, and prepare in the best possible way for this big match against Paris.

How have you been feeling since your arrival on the Rock?

I feel good, I’ve had a very good welcome. But I never look at the past, I always look to the future, and I am very happy here. I found a very good team, and a good coach in Adi. I feel good in Monaco, and I think what I show on the pitch testifies to my confidence. I like working with the team, it’s a big challenge for me. Coming to this great league, discovering the city, the supporters, the stadium… I am trying to give the best of myself!

Krépin Diatta’s reaction

“It was a difficult match, and we didn’t manage to score. We have to keep working. We didn’t create many chances in the first half, we only had one or two clear opportunities. We didn’t have the match we needed, and we now have to concentrate on the next few. Usually, we try to combine play centrally, and that’s one thing that we didn’t do today. We couldn’t find the links inside. It’s a shame.”