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Thierry Henry: "Stay positive to move forward"

Thierry Henry: "Stay positive to move forward"
Thierry Henry appeared in a press conference after the defeat against Strasbourg (2-1).

“We had control of the ball early in the game. We conceded an unfortunate goal. The error is human. We must not overwhelm Seydou Sy for this. We had to react, we did it on several occasions. Unfortunately, we were in place before this first goal, we began to find solutions. It was harder then. There was a moment when the two teams were also looking at each other.

In the second period, it starts again. We try to regain control of the ball. Samuel Grandsir returns and is expelled. It’s hard. It’s hard for me to see what’s going on, and I leave it to the people who have to decide whether there is red or not. But it must be said that he does not make the gesture. The foot is high. I do not think he touches his face. But after this event, it’s difficult for us. We mixed up speed and precipitation. Even at ten, the team tried to play, keep the ball on the ground but after the slightest loss of ball, we find ourselves in a difficult situation, which turns into goal. The match could have switched to our side.

It would be alarming if we had not had opportunities. This is not the case. We scored on a penalty. There were two saves on the line, Aholou’s shot or Sidibé’s chances. But you have to put them in the bottom. We must try to move forward and find a solution as quickly as possible. When you need to score goals, it’s hard to lose Radamel Falcao and Samuel Grandsir. This is not the dream scenario, but I want to stay positive in order to move forward. We have to move on and keep working. ”

Rise. Risk. Repeat.