Supporters 23 February 2019, 14:00

UM 94: "All united behind the club"

The 1994 Monaco Ultras officially celebrate their 25th anniversary. The time of an interview, Frederic (president) and Thomas (vice-president), reveal us their love for their club of heart and their best moments as highs of AS Monaco.

It was at Stade Louis II, in their park, that we met the two men.

It is 3 p.m. in the middle of the week, the sun shines on the Principality. The opportunity is ideal for Frédéric and Thomas to remember moments that have marked history.

Can you take us back to to the beginnings of the “UM 94” group?

“Initially, it was young people who were 14-15 years old who put the first “Ultras Monaco” at the Stade Louis II. At the time, it had been very noticed. They succeeded a group called the “Sconvolts” which had very beautiful animations. After a few years, they started to be taken seriously. 25 years later, we are still here. It is also a proof of rigor, of daily work. “

How does one become an ultra?

“This year, the new ones had until September to register and get their membership card. What we want are people involved, who know AS Monaco and who are aware that being a supporter means a lot. We want people who are moving forward.”

Between group members, how is communication established?

“In a year, there are three general assemblies set up. It is a way for us all to find each other, to correct certain things. We meet regularly at meetings. We also communicate on social networks, whether Facebook or Twitter.”

AS Monaco is one of the most represented clubs. How do you explain it?

“A real craze was created during the European run in 2003-2004 for AS Monaco. At one point, the club’s descent into Ligue 2 also played into that. The real fans have united in the hope of seeing the Monegasque players regain the elite form. There was tremendous support during that time. We all mobilized. These memories have created links. Today we still support the club outside. It has not changed. “

Movements between supporters are moments of sharing, party … Can you tell us one of your best memories?

Thomas: “For me, the trip to Auxerre in 2011. In the middle of January, we traveled by bus from Monaco. An exceptional atmosphere, a part of fun. It was one of my best moments in the group. The city and the stadium were ours that day “

Frédéric:The trip to Chelsea in the Champions League semi-final (May 5, 2004). It was a special moment because this match allowed us to reach the final. For the fans, it was the first big European trip. Many of us were partying in the city. Once back in the stadium, there was some tension with the security. And a group of supporters, of which I was a part, was forced to leave Stamford Bridge. We went to a bar to watch the game. Even though we had spent only 5 minutes in the stadium, everyone was jumping for joy.”

On the occasion of this match against Olympique Lyonnais (Sunday 9 pm), you officially celebrate your 25th birthday as a group. Can you tell us about the preparations for this evening?

“We’re not going to say everything because we have to keep a minimum of surprises (laughs). But it is planned to meet at our usual place. There will be a rock concert, a refreshment bar. We will try to bring everyone together. 7 or 8 buses of supporters come down from everywhere. At the stadium we have planned animations. It’s been 6 months since we are working on this event. Sometimes night and day. We will do our best to make the rendering successful. “

How do you see the future of the hroup? What are the long-term goals?

“This movement must continue to move forward. For several years we have been quite open. Supporters play the game and enjoy our work. We have a very good relationship with the leaders. In each club, there are difficulties, periods less easy to manage than others. But we put those things aside. We are in a good dynamic, it is essential. It is necessary to be mobilized and not to forget the beautiful years that we knew thanks to the club. Above all, we must be focused on our work. Everyone must come to the stadium, wave their flag, sing in stands, party. “

Rise. Risk. Repeat.