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AS Monaco among the top training teams in Ligue 1!

AS Monaco among the top training teams in Ligue 1!
As confirmed by an article published on the “League of talents” website, the Principality club is one of the leading providers of players for the French top flight, thanks to the quality of its training. Here's the proof in a few numbers.

Every year, the AS Monaco academy, La Diagonale, appears at the top of the list of the best in France. In June 2023, the last set of rankings established by Fédération Française de Football was no exception, since the Monaco Academy once again appeared in third place in the top flight, with an average of 3.7 stars out of 5.

La Diagonale, a trampoline for talent 🚀

It’s a very real status which goes beyond the reputation of the Club in the field, and recently confirmed by very telling figures, in an article published on the Ligue 1 website. Indeed, since the formation of the club back several criteria  show the quality of the talent pool that is La Diagonale. This starts with the number of players trained in the Principality and having played in the French first division in the 21st century.

Monaco in the Top 10 academies 🏅

There are 66 of them since 2000 who came of age at the Rouge et Blanc training center, before making their big debut in the “League of Talents”… and winning there! As such, AS Monaco is the eighth most prolific club in terms of the number of players launched into the top flight, behind some of the most recognized nurseries in Europe, such as Stade Rennais (86), Olympique Lyonnais (73) or even Paris Saint-Germain (also 73).

A (very) honorable number of matches 📊

But that’s not all, since in total the matches played by these 66 youngsters launched at the foot of the Rock, the Rouge et Blanc is also in a good position with a total of… 1694 matches! And again, this data only reflects the last 24 years.

Because going back the thread of Monegasque history, the only ones Jean-Luc Ettori (trained at INF Vichy but launched pro’ at AS Monaco) and Claude Puel, have almost between them (755 and 601 capes) as many as in the 21st century. This is keeping in mind that certain gems quickly took the direction of the biggest European clubs to support their meteoric progress.

Prolific talent at an early age! ⚽

Finally, in terms of goals scored by players trained under our flag over the last twenty years, we reached the very honorable mark of 120 goals, i.e. 12th in the ranking ahead of teams like PSG, OM and Lens. Here too, if the 90s were included in the calculation, for example, there is no doubt that the Club would go even higher in the hierarchy, thanks to the statistics of  legends like David Trezeguet and Thierry Henry.

Newer stars like Akliouche and Ben Seghir 💎

In any case, these figures show that the Monegasque team is still one of the most renowned in France, like the season that Maghnes Akliouche (7 goals and  3 assists) is having, and the return of Eliesse Ben Seghir, scorer and MVP in Strasbourg (0-1). It’s quite simple, since the start of last season, no less than 7 young talents from La Diagonale have made their debuts in Ligue 1 (Magassa, Lemarechal, Akliouche, Ben Seghir, Diop, Cartillier and Coulibaly)!

An inexhaustible reservoir👏

Recently, coach Adi Hütter even underlined the importance of the reservoir  of talent represented by the Elite Group to strengthen the first team particularly at the start of this year 2024, when the team needed it the most. More than ever, the Academy shows that it remains a fundamental pillar of AS Monaco, with figures to back it up. Daghe youngsters! 🇲🇨

Rise. Risk. Repeat.