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L. Jardim: "Everyone is questioning themselves to raise their heads."

L. Jardim: "Everyone is questioning themselves to raise their heads."
Ahead of the match against Stade Rennais, Sunday at 17 hours, Leonardo Jardim came to answer questions from journalists.

“Rennes has a good team with quality players, but the club is also having a difficult start to the season, and we are obviously sad about this situation, but we are not discouraged. This team is not used to living moments like this but you have to look up while continuing to work. “


“I decided to make a big turnover in the last few games, even changing the system, it’s true that we’re taking goals, but if we look at previous seasons it was already the case. We were more realistic.The last matches against Saint-Etienne and Dortmund show it, we need to help Falcao because I am convinced that if it is better offensively, our problems will be resolved more quickly.

I question myself, I know that I am also responsible for this bad moment. It’s not that I’m going to throw in the towel, I give the best every day. My case is not the most important one, but I must stay focused on the club. Even though players may be in trouble, everyone is questioning themselves to raise their heads. “

Rise. Risk. Repeat.