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A. Raggi: "11 animals on the ground"

A. Raggi: "11 animals on the ground"
The Italian defender is determined to win with all his teammates this Sunday against Rennes.

“We are going through a complicated period, everyone feels it, we are the first ones, but what matters is getting out of this bad moment together. We’ll lift our heads and get there. Everything against us but we will improve quickly.

It’s the first time since I’ve been to AS Monaco that I live that. As soon as it is a little complicated we always manage to get by. This season will be difficult but when we look at Marseille or Lyon, last season, they managed to reverse the trend. You have to win quickly.

When it’s complicated, it’s normal to call on the older ones. We have to give something extra, we have to assume our responsibilities. It’s our role.

The eleven players who will start against Rennes Sunday must be thoroughly in the game. We must be like eleven animals on the ground. This is the big game before the international break, the victory would do us a lot of good. It’s a final, we have to win. It is an obligation.

The cloakroom lives well, there is no problem. Only the results are wrong. We are together, compact and determined. “

Rise. Risk. Repeat.