Esports 31 August 2020, 14:45

The Esport Team thanks Joël

The Esport Team thanks Joël
After a fine attacking season with us, JoelPostBad, our PES Ambassador, is looking for a new challenge.

Traveling to the four corners of the globe, each crazier than the next and a year with your foot on the accelerator: Joël has done his best in a beautiful season with us and it is with a feeling of “mission accomplished” that he is preparing today to  look for a new challenge. It’s a decision that’s been done by mutual agreement, with Joël having expressed the wish to devote his time to new activities.

This collaboration will remain as one of the foundational elements of the success of the Red and Whites in the 2019-2020 esports season, and we know for sure that Joël will not fail to keep a benevolent eye on his “teammates”, Usmakabyle, Lotfi and Kilzyou.

Reinforced by this first successful experience, the Club is now renewing it desire to continue with this unprecedented digital strategy. Last season was in particular marked by the establishment of the first network of Ambassadors within the esports teams of AS Monaco, something that will be reaffirmed next season.

In addition to the desire to remain competitive on the esports scene, AS Monaco Esports will indeed be keen to develop its network of Ambassadors, its partnerships but also its interactions with fans, like the Monaco Challenge, and will thus continue to write its unique story, full with of new and exciting challenges.



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