Club 13 March 2020, 16:08

Oleg Petrov's reaction

Oleg Petrov's reaction
Oleg Petrov, Executive Vice-President of AS Monaco, reacted this afternoon to the decision taken by the LFP to suspend all competitions until further notice and answered questions from journalists.
With a rapidly evolving situation, we could expect such a decision. It would have been a surprise a week ago, but today it is a logical decision. We will follow, respect and accept this decision.


The team has been following the precautionary measures and recommendations of the medical staff and of course we will continue to do so. The situation is changing quickly and for this we will be ready to adapt the measures necessary for the coming period.


I haven't spoken to the players yet. A few hours ago, we were scheduled to play this match against Saint-Etienne, behind closed doors. Yesterday I spoke to the players and told them about the match, not about this situation which was not relevant at the time.


I'm not going to speculate on what might happen. There are several different scenarios. In any case, we will comply with what is decided.


From my side, in a sporting sense, I would like the players to remain mobilized and train to be ready to restart the league. But it is also necessary to take into consideration the recommendations that can be made, and to be attentive to the risks of contamination etc. We will look at all of this, we will discuss it with the players, the medical staff, and then we will make a decision.
Rise. Risk. Repeat.