Esports 27 May 2020, 11:55

Rocket League, RLCS season review and end of contract

Rocket League, RLCS season review and end of contract
Today we take stock of an honorable though difficult RLCS season at times, and a month of May marked by the end of the contract between AS Monaco Esports and its Rocket League players.

As we had announced at the end of April, S1mon (coach) and Tigreee told us about their desire to explore new opportunities during these difficult times. At the end of the month, it is with a heavy heart that we will announce the departure of our last two players, Extra and Eyelgnite, who showed their level one last time during the Rocket League Spring Series on May 6.

It was a real pleasure to work with our three Rocket League players, and we are extremely grateful for their hard work during these months spent working together. Tigreee, Extra, Eyelgnite and their coach, S1mon, made us proud, they did their best to represent the colors of AS Monaco Esports loud and clear during the various competitions.


These departures therefore mark the end of a first cycle, which will certainly not be the last. Pending a resumption of post COVID-19 competitions, we will focus our efforts on setting up the team for next season.

The current cycle of our Rocket League team has now come to an end, with the end of the Spring Series, the last competition in which the team was representing us. It's time to methodically prepare for the next season and study the opportunities available to us in order to come back to the top with a team most in line with the Club's project.
Loïc PotagesManager, AS Monaco Esports
First of all, I would like to thank the entire AS Monaco Esports team for all they have done for us. For my first contract as a professional player I was very well managed and for that I can never thank them enough. Unfortunately all good things come to an end. I had a great time with the Rocket League team, and am certainly disappointed with our season but it is something that is to be taken as an experience and which will make us better players in the future. I personally think that there was potential in this team but things did not go as planned. I hope to see AS Monaco Esports again one day, perhaps sooner than expected, who knows. Thank you so much for all the wonderful moments spent side by side, I will never forget them.
Alexandre « Extra » PaoliRocket League Player

This is the end of a page in the history of the club, and the beginning of a new chapter that needs to be written …! #DagheMunegu #MonacoUnit

Rise. Risk. Repeat.