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Rankings, ratio, favorite opponents and more… A closer look at the 117 goals of Wissam Ben Yedder!

Rankings, ratio, favorite opponents and more… A closer look at the 117 goals of Wissam Ben Yedder!
With a double against Clermont, the captain of the Rouge et Blanc reached a new symbolic milestone, becoming the second top scorer in the history of AS Monaco with 117 goals. On this occasion, we look at the numbers behind his performances, with Opta.

He continues to write his legend game after game, season after season. With a double this weekend against Clermont, Wissam Ben Yedder was one of the architects of the Monégasques’ win (4-1), bringing the Principality club a little closer to direct qualification for the next Champions League. But above all, ournumber 10 has made history a little further.

Second-top scorer in the Club’s history

By scoring for the 116th and 117th time since his arrival in the summer of 2019, he has indeed reached a new symbolic milestone, overtaking Lucien Cossou to become the Club’s second top scorer behind Delio Onnis and his 223 goals. At the dawn of his 200th match in Monegasque colors – he is today at 199 -, here’s a look back in figures at this stratospheric performance, thanks to our partner Opta. 📊

First of all, Wissam is back! I think it was a good choice that he changed his shoes (laughs). More seriously, he scored another double today, that's four goals in two games. This is what we expect from him, especially since he has always shown in the past that he is a great scorer.
Adi HütterOn Wissam Ben Yedder

A model of consistency 📈

For starters, Captain’ Wiss has the third best ratio, tied with Radamel Falcao, with 0.59 goals per game among players who have scored 20 times or more, only behind Delio Onnis (0.78) and Lucien Cossou (0.60).

This shows his consistency since in five seasons, he has systematically exceeded the 15-goal mark, reaching a maximum of 32 in 2021-2022. Even better, over his entire career, he has achieved this eight times! It’s quite simple: since Opta has been keeping this data (1947-1948), only two players have done better: Bernard Lacombe (10) and Delio Onnis (12).

Behind Onnis in Ligue 1 and in the Coupe de France 🥈

As comfortable at home at the Stade Louis-II (64) as on the road (53), the native of Sarcelles is equally so in all the competitions in which he has participated. Scorer of 97 goals in Ligue 1 —  like Lucien Cossou — he also knows how to find the net, having scored 13 times in the Coupe de France.

This places him, again, second in the Monegasque hierarchy behind the Argentinian legend. Wissam has also been able to showcase his talent in front of goal in Europe with seven goals scored.

He's a great player, we know his qualities, his personality and today he didn't come far scoring a hat-trick. He played me in really well for my goal, he's a very important player for us and I always enjoy playing alongside him.
Breel EmboloAfter the win over Clermont

Benitez and Lopes, his favorite goalkeepers  ⚔️

Impressive with his consistency and strong with chipped finishes, he thus scores almost all of his goals from inside the area, with one exception. It was on the occasion of the Derby against Nice in the 2020-2021 seasond, in which he scored a direct free kick from 28 meters away from Walter Benitez’s goal.

The former Aiglons goalkeeper is also his favorite prey with six goals scored against him, tied with Lyonnais Anthony Lopes.

OL are his favorite opponent 🦁

Further proof, if any were needed, that he is a man of big games in Rouge et Blanc, since OL, tied with Montpellier and Clermont since this weekend, are his favorite prey with seven goals. They find themselves behind teams like Rennes (6), PSG, Nice and Marseille (5). He has also scored once this season against Les Phocéens in the return leg with a perfect left-footed finish, showing his versatility.

Impressive from the penalty spot 🎯

If he is the author of 66 goals with his right foot, Wissam was able to score 39 times with his “bad” foot and ten times with his head, despite his height of 1.70 meters. A complete pocket-size striker, he shows composure , mostly from the penalty spot, where he has scored 32 times, and only missed three times, a conversion rate of 91.4%.

Finally, he impresses as a  super-sub,he scored 14 times coming off the bench with AS Monaco – 17 during his entire career -, which makes him the second best in the history of the league behind Souleymane Camara, trained… at the Academy, again according to Opta. These are figures that make your head spin, and which prove that Wissam Ben Yedder is part of the best French scorers in the 21st century. Daghe Wissam! 🇲🇨

Season by season goal totals 📅