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Kevin Volland: "I have a good understanding with Wissam"

Kevin Volland: "I have a good understanding with Wissam"
A guest on Telefoot this Thursday at noon on "Au coeur des clubs", the German striker gave his first impressions of his time since his arrival at the foot of the Rock.

Last Sunday he delivered two assists to Wissam Ben Yedder in the win over Strasbourg (3-2), played as part of the fifth matchday in Ligue 1. Having arrived in the Principality at the beginning of September Kevin Volland seems to be already very comfortable within Niko Kovac‘s squad. In any case, this is what the German international striker (10 caps, 1 goal) has discussed in a live interview in the program “Au coeur des clubs”, presented by Marina Lorenzo on Téléfoot, the broadcaster of Ligue 1 Uber Eats. Here are some excerpts

How has your acclimatization been going since you arrived at AS Monaco?

Hello (in French). I am very happy to have joined AS Monaco. It’s a great club and so far everything makes me very happy. It’s a new club and a new league for me so it’s going to take a while for me to adapt, but I’m very happy to be here.

Is Ligue 1 very different from the Bundesliga?

It’s really different from Germany. There are a lot more one-on-one situations here, whereas in the Bundesliga we are looking a little more for space. I’m still going to have to adapt to that, but Niko Kovac is helping me with that, and given the team’s early results, it’s working pretty well.

Does your jovial character help you integrate yourself into the squad?

It’s my nature to be laid back. I have always operated like this. So obviously I’m new to being here so I have to adapt, but again I have been really well integrated and accepted by my new teammates. I think they like me (laughs).

How is your relationship with Wissam Ben Yedder going?

I have a great understanding with Wissam and I think it showed in the last match with my two assists for him. I am learning about my teammates, I am starting to see how they play. But of course Wissam is a great player, a great striker and I’m happy to play alongside him.

Especially since your versatility in attack is a big plus …

Yes in my career I have always played in several different positions, whether at Munich, Hoffenheim or Leverkusen. Of course you have a preferred position when you are an attacker. But I know how to adapt and I think my versatility is indeed one of my strengths.

Is Niko Kovac’s 4-3-3 system right for you?

Of course this is a system that suits me perfectly and that is one of the reasons for my coming to AS Monaco, it was important for the coach. It’s a very intense system because you always have to press when you don’t have the ball and know how to move with it when you do have possession.

Of course when I play as a striker I'm a real goalscorer and I want to score, but I like to be a player who is not only a goalscorer but who also knows how to provide assists and serve his team. I like it.
Kevin Volland

Do you prefer being a goalscorer or someone who provides assists?

In the past I have always been in both positions. Of course when I play as a striker I’m a real goalscorer and I want to score, but I like to be a player who is not only a goalscorer but who also knows how to provide assists and serve his team. I like it.

Do you have a goal in terms of statistics this season?

No. In the past, I have never set quantified goals. It would put pressure on me and it would put it elsewhere as well, on my teammates. From experience, without setting any targets for goals and assists things have worked very well in the past, so I’m going to continue like that I think.

What do you know about the Brest side that you will face on Sunday?

I know Brest by name and we have been analyzing this team since the start of the week with video. I always find it nice to play against an opponent who also plays with the ball and therefore leaves space. A team that does not refuse to play. It’s true that they remind me a bit of the Bundesliga.

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